Handyman for Businesses in Joliet, IL

If your small business or office space could use some repairs or improvements, look to the team at Rent A Guy for all the services you need. Located in Joliet, IL, Rent A Guy provides commercial clients with a full range of handyman services.
Repairing Home - Light Fixture in Joliet, IL
Concentrated on Work - Light Fixture in Joliet, IL
Mechanic - Light Fixture in Joliet, IL
We can provide you with interior and exterior painting services, giving your space a fresh look that's sure to draw in customers. Our team can also assist you with light fixture installment and will get the job done quickly and correctly.
Getting your business' bathroom up and running is easy with our toilet install services. The team at Rent A Guy also specializes in tile work, including fitting and grouting your new tile. Our exterior handyman services include common property maintenance such as installing mailboxes, salting sidewalks during winter, and cleaning out gutters. We can install new door knobs and change locks. We also provide storm door install services.
Keep your business looking and running great with the quality handyman services at Rent A Guy. Give us a call today to learn more about our services and to schedule an appointment.